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Re: becoming a "smart" hitter

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Sat Sep 5 19:27:49 2009

Hi ernie
I read that Ted Williams got the advice to pick out a good pitch to hit from Rogers Hornsby .and who could argue with two great hitters like they were ?stan musial said some thing similar when he was asked by a teammate how he was such a great hitter he said I just see A GOOD PITCH and hit the hell out of it guess he kept it simple.I do realize that about the HSlevel and those who are talented enough to go to a higher level do have to be selective with the pitches they hit even in the strike zone .but if started at to early a age I belive this can limit a players potential later . A ten yr old told not to swing at letter high fastballs might be putting the same pitches over the fence two yrs latter ,or a 12 yr old told not to swing at a curve ball until he has two strikes might never learn to hit a curve ball at all.
my friends son attended a hitting camp and they taught the little leaguers as the pitcher was about to release the ball think yes yes meaning expect to swing at ever pitch and then if the pitch was not a good pitch to hit because it was ball or not a good pitch to hit even if it was in the stike zone let it go . my point is how does a 11 yr old know if hes a good high or low ball hitter unless he swinging at these pitches in the strike zone .As a hitter matures he can become a seletive hitter because they can handle even the tough pitch with two strikes because in practice and games they swung and hit those tough pitches in the strike zone at a early age .and became more selective and know what they want to hit as they mature.


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