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Re: No Such Thing

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Mon Sep 7 23:34:01 2009

Hi South some of Jack Mankins teaching as
I understand them are >
The better hitters keep their hands back at swing initation, and the Bathead is accelerated on a downward path behind the back shoulder (back towards the catcher),The path of the Bat will then bottom out and be on a slight up swing in the contact zone .The batter will take a circular hand path to the ball and keep rotating his body and bat until contact. He also teaches how to get the bat on line with the ball early in the swing .Now please go to a completely different web site Chris oleary.com click on hitting videos clips and swings. Roll down to swing analyses of active players.
he has clips of todays greats and to me they swing just as Jack Mankin describes .They swing down bottom out and at contact swing slightly up. Their hands, bat, and body are rotating to contact If they tried the fence drill they would hit the fence and not the ball So if that what the greats did and are doing should others at least try and learn that way ?Or should they be taught wrong and hope they get it right?I belive much time and effort was put into this web site and a tremendous amout can be learned from it if given a chance


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