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Re: Re: Mechanics

Posted by: South () on Fri Sep 11 20:58:50 2009

There are not opinions about the principles that govern our physical world. The torque you refer to, if it is from equal/opposite forces will produce a moment. That means no translations. The bat is moving forward. Has to be in order to have angular acceleration.

How am I saying that the hands are moving forward???

The BODY - hips and shoulders do rotate the bat to contact. The explanation and example provided by you for the torque to the bat by the top/bottom forces at contact would result in change in direction of the bat only, not change in speed of the bat head. I'm not concerned with the center point between the hands, that was your terminology. Your examples of power hitters show how they change to get a greater angle up. Which I have already explained what will cause to happen if timing is off. Plus, these guys are doing this to provide more leverage, more power. Your better average hitters, like Gywnn, Rose, Ichiro do not do this.

To make contact and hit the ball, the bat acts as a THIRD CLASS LEVER which explains why there is little movement in the hand and greater "sweeping" distance of the bat head. Both motions require the same time, the head goes a greater distance, more speed, greater acceleration.

Again, I'm not arguing linear vs rotational. THEY BOTH ARE PRESENT!!

Still, my explanation of the hitting mechanics stand valid and unadressed. Adjustments are made for inside pitches like with Utley they can't be made with pulling back on the bottom hand and pushing forwards with top to supply torque



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