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Re: Re: Line drive and Gap Power to Homeruns

Posted by: () on Wed Jul 11 13:13:36 2001

>>> Have you done any detailed analysis of mechanics on big leaguers that have gone from line drive and gap power to homerun power? Who come to mind are:
> Luis Gonzales Arizona Diamondbacks
> Rafael Palmeiro Texas Rangers (early in his career)
> If so what did you notice. If not, what do you think contributed to their power surge. <<<
> Hi Eddie
> Yes, Eddie I am pleased to say I have studied the swings of Luis Gonzales, Rafael Palmeiro and a few other hitters who had dramatic increases in their homerun power. Although they all had various styles in their stance, strides and general makeup of how they prepared the launch position, there was a common and definable change in their transfer mechanics that allowed them to produce more power. --- They all started to develop earlier bat speed by adding top-hand-torque to their swings.
> Most hitters start their swing with a more static bat. Overcoming the inertia of a static bat gets the batter behind the power curve and he cannot maintain the shoulder rotation and bat/power position necessary to apply bottom-hand-torque at contact. Having depleted shoulder rotation, the batter is left with arm extension to bring the bat to contact. Extending the back arm produces a longer more sweeping hand-path – less torque and hook-effect.
> A great hitter initiates the swing with top-hand-torque (accelerating the bat-head back toward the catcher), this mechanic produces bat and rotational trajectories that will allow the batter’s shoulders to rotate through contact. The shoulders rotating through contact is what develops the lead-arm pull for bottom-hand-torque and the hook-effect in their hand-path.
> Eddie, to fill in all the blanks, I would have to rewrite all the material the site has to offer. But that’s the nitty-gritty of the changes hitters make to greatly improve power and bat speed. --- If I had to boil it down to a single item, I would say; great hitters pull the top-hand back at initiation – average hitters initiate the swing driving the top-hand forward.
> Jack Mankin


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