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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: No Such Thing

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Sat Sep 12 20:32:53 2009

hi gamer 10 I did not explain my self well when I stated a batter can reach across his body with his front arm to hit the outside pitch .what I should have added a batter can hit the outside pitch hard and still keep the same rotational swing .if he,goes to the correct load then starts the swing with top hand torque and takes a slightly wider hand path to the ball. with the wider hand path he can put the barrel of the bat on the ball and still drive it well.As far as more shoulder rotation on the inside pitch try this ,take a bat and envision a pitch on the outside corner take a dry swing at the imaginary out side pitch stop the swing where point of contact would be and notice the postion of the front shoulder. How far did it rotate? now do the same thing this time its a inside pitch stop at the point of contact and notice how much more the front shoulder has rotated on the inside pitch mine is starting back to the catcher at the point of contact .If some one asked me how do you accomplish this I say on the heavy bag, soft toss. batting tee,pitcing machine live batting practice till it becomes muscle memory.


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