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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: No Such Thing

Posted by: rql () on Mon Sep 14 11:10:18 2009

> Well, have you ever hit a 95 mph fastball? I have. If you lenghten the swing how is that a better approach to hitting? Will you answer these questions since you seem to have back-peddled around my other questions?

yes gamer I have and had 96 thrown at my head so I am well aware of how little time there is,I held a CWS homerun record that JD drew broke,I was my high schools all time batting champion and uni. of south carolinas all time batting champion for nearly 2 decades and 1st team all american at both levels.Guess what I knew none of this then,bnut found thru old espn video that on my power shots rotation is what I was doing.there are so many ques.where do I start.I will touch on a few.to lengthen the swing.the fact is that almost all ML hitters hit rotational so there is nothing about PUJOLS as an exception.In video the bat tip clearly goes back toward the catcher as it drops.it comes around in a circle and 90 degrees to the spine or at least close.that is why the tilt of the body sets the swing plane and fine tuned with the arms and hands.as the bat comes toward the ball it is on an upswing.There are 4 circles hips shoulders arm/hands and bat tip.Think of a merry go round.at the center is an engine attached to a center like a wagon wheel,out from there is steel bars like spokes going out to the outer edge of merry go round,this is what the flat walking platform under the horses are bolted to.Anyways,at the center the core turns 1 slow small revolution,this is the power source,at the outer edge of the MGRound,the platform also goes 1 revolution for each one the center does,however it travels over a much greater distance but they both start and finish at the same starting point at the same time therefore the outer edge of MGR must be traveling much faster.Same for the swing the hips may not travel real fast but it doesnt go very far,same for shoulders,hands travel further and bat tip the furthest,they all get to the ball about the same time,so hands are traveling further than shoulders and move faster but through connection they move faster and much greater the bat tip.This is the best analogy I got right now.Why is center the deepest part of ball park because balls on outer 3rd can be hit to center further and bat tip is further from the body ,lead arm is further,but they are connected so it is not slow,like the MGR further out further travel all arrive on time,its physics.Connection is the key.On the inside pitch you do not lengthen the distance the arms travel vs linear.I will try to look at a couple other ques and answer when time permits.


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