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Re: centerfield line drives

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Wed Sep 16 11:50:52 2009

hi paulreece I belive that hitting the ball hard up the middle , is a problem most hitters only wish they had .Granted the left field fence is shorter. Being able to pull a ball is great. I belive pulling the ball can be accomplished by having a batter looking for pitches middle in, keeping the arms close to the body, keep rotating into the ball , having the front shoulder rotate back towards the catcher, at contact and hitting the ball a little bit out front. when all of this happens as the result of a good swing a home run can results. But trying to force this will probally lead to slumps and bad mechanics especially for a 15yrd . mark mcguire said trying to hit homeruns never worked for him . Every few yrs you see accomplised major league hr hitters having second thoughts about entering the home run derby stating they dont want to mess up their swings


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