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Re: strength training for hitting

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Thu Sep 24 20:55:48 2009

> hi I read when mike marshall the former major league pitcher was first drafted it was as a shortstop .And towards the end of a season marshall and some other minor league players where trying to hit home runs off a batting tee .while marshall did hit some out he was not happy with the results and vowed he would work out all winter and come back the next spring and hit more homeruns off the batting tee .When the spring came around they asked marshall how the training went he said I will show you and then went out and hit one homerun after another .Every one wanted to know exactly how he trained to accomplish this, he claimed his main exercise was that he lay on the bench press table on his right shoulder left shoulder facing the ceiling he put a dumbell on the floor grab it with left hand with the dumbell still on the floor and in his left hand, he pull it as explosively and fast as he could towards the ceiling then back to the floor and do it again and again all winter .I do question this because he did become a pitcher cy young winner but maybe this strengthed him and strecthed him at the same time for more inward shoulder flexability and power ?
> Also:
> hi has anyone ever tried eye training for baseball tracking was it sucessful?

If you watch Chase Utley workout it is all about core stretching and strength so this exercise you describe doesn't surprise that it worked. I watched an ESPN segment and it showed Mark Texeira playing stick ball. What surprised me was how flexible he was when he rotated when he hit. He was playing with regular guys so it was very apparent that he was more core flexible than they were. Core flexibility and strength carries over and benefits running, throwing, and even kicking a ball.

Never done eye training and have no experience with it.


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