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Re: Switch Hitting

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Sun Sep 27 02:09:01 2009

Hello Darrin ,Is the discussion why would a natural right handed
batter hit better lefty ?


I think some of the advantages of a natural righthanded player batting lefty are . 1. Lefties are a few steps closer to first base 2. The right field fences are often closer some times called the short poarch 3 .Most pitchers throw right handed and they are batting lefty 4. A larger percent of people are right handed and right eye dominate it is supposedly a big advantage for a batter to have his dominate eye closer to the pitcher so if a right handed batter is also right eye dominate and switches to batting lefty his dominate or better eye will now be closer to the pitcher he will see the ball better and react faster to the pitch .A large percent of major league baseball players are said to be cross eye and hand dominate meaning if they bat Right and right is the dominate hand their left eye is the dominate eye with lefties its the oppisite with that said
Ted williams wrote he would have had more power if he were a true lefty. He threw right . Look at the MLB top ten all time home run leaders it seems like they all hit with their throwing hand or power hand as their top hand so for big power I belive the power hand should be the top hand


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