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how much practice?

Posted by: ernie roy (prd530@msn.com) on Tue Sep 29 11:12:09 2009

My 16 year old son has been making good progress this year in learning the rotational mechanics method of the swing. What do you all out there thnk is a reasonable amount of practice time for a kid at this age as far as swing work on a weekly basis? My thought is that it should differ depending on time of year. I hear stuff about how some guys in MLB take 200-300 swings a day virtually year round, while other guys definitely take a reduced load at times in the off season. One of my concerns is that he is not in MLB, is still a kid, has a tough academic load to handle, & just might want to do something else once in a while. He is very determined and while I appreciate how important practice is, I know a kid can burn himself out sometimes as well. What types of schedules do you recommend for someone his age?



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