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Re: Re: Rotational vs. Linear

Posted by: Coach9 () on Thu Oct 15 17:20:17 2009

> Hi Coach9
> I would certainly agree with you that a batter's bat speed would be of little value if he cannot make consistent contact. In order to have a productive discussion, I need to have a clear understanding of your concerns of rotational mechanics. For the sake of clarity, would expand on what you mean by, "Rotational hitters "circle" the ball"? Are you referring to the hands, bat or both.
> We have often discussed on this site the linear cues "Keep your hands inside the ball" and "Short to the Ball, Long through the ball." When I ask most coaches to demonstrate these cues, they exhibit the classic 'A to B' hand-path where the hands are extended across their body toward the pitcher. They believed that allowing the hands to be rotated in a more circular path would lead to the problems you described.
> If you have a different perspective of the mechanics that accomplishes those cues, your detailed description would be helpful. Once I have a clear understanding of the mechanics you advocate, I would be happy to discuss our differences.
> Jack Mankin


I posted a response under Red Dogs posting, which should answer some of my perspective on my earlier posting. I don't really do the forum thing, but I glance through your website late one night and decided to post for some reason. With that being said, there is a lot of really good information on this site and I commend you for putting it all together. Please don't take my posting as a direct criticism towards you. I do make a reference to "gurus" but that was not really meant for you or RED DOG, i don't know you guys so i certainly won't try to typecast you into anything your not. I just dislike the guys who really want to sell you something for there own glorification, or monetary reasons, so they try to come up with the latest and greatest thing with some fancy title. From the stuff I have seen on your site there is no doubt that you have invested time and energy, with the intention of getting good information out there.


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