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Re: Whipping effect in a swing!

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Oct 28 13:56:06 2009

>>> Jack,

I think your statements regarding how a barrelhead of a bat is effected by physics are ignorant.

There is most definitely a whipping effect when a bat is swung!

That is simply a fact.

Nothing more needed from me. Or for me!

Thank You! <<<

Hi Michael

Obviously, this is a settled issue in your mind. Nevertheless, I am placing below an excerpt from a post I wrote on this topic. If your mind is not completely closed, feel free to respond.


The "Linear vs Rotational" controversy may be better understood by thinking of it as the "Whip vs Pendulum" concepts for accelerating the bat-head.

For decades almost all coaches, little league through the pros, taught the "Linear" concept that when the hands were extended straight (A to B), there would be a "Whip" effect that accelerates the bat-head when the hands reached full extension. This concept is based on a theory that the energy developed from the forward weight shift is transferred to the bat causing the bat-head to "whip" around as the advancement of the hands slows.

This Web Site was the first source of information that advised coaches that this was a false concept -- there is no "Whip" effect that transfers linear momentum into bat speed when the hands are extended straight (A to B).

We have provided coaches with proof that what actually accelerated the bat-head was the "Pendulum" effect that transferred the body's rotational momentum when the hands were taken in a circular path (CHP). The pendulum effect can be demonstrated by swinging a ball on a string. -- As long as the hand takes a circular path, the ball's angular acceleration will increase. However, extending the hand in a straight path will induce 'no' angular acceleration.

The same holds true for accelerating the bat-head. As the video clip below demonstrates, taking the hands in a circular path induces a pendulum effect that swings the bat-head around. However, regardless of how much weight is shifted, there is no angular acceleration from a "Whip effect" when the hands are extended in a linear path.

"Whip" vs "Pendulum" effect

Jack Mankin


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