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Re: Re: Strikeouts

Posted by: GEORGE STANLEY (saint_george13@yahoo.com) on Tue Nov 17 07:55:55 2009

> > 6 months ago I switched from a linear swing to a rotational one. The results are very noticable and I started hitting with alot more power. The swing is consistant and mechanically sound with THT CHP and BHT. However, in games my timing is off and I am ahead of everything. My strikeouts have increased and I often kill the ball foul. Homeruns and doubles are turning into strikes! Has anyone else experienced/heard of this problem? I think it may just be from the increase in batspeed, but Its hard to train your eyes to react differently in live situations. any help is appreciated

the 1st thing you must understand:
what this means is your computer.. your brain.. which has been telling you to fire at a certain instant.. is getting you to the ball SOONER..because the bat is now moving faster!!. which means you are going to start getting over the top of the ball & hitting a lotta wormkillers to the left side of the infield.
now the time has come for you to RE-CALIBRATE your computer.. SLOW DOWN..MENTALLY RELAX!! (don't confuse this with PHYSICALLY exerting less energy in your swing, however!!) you will learn to start your swing a little later than when you usually have been firing.. i tell my students once you learn to increase your batspeed, it is inevitable that your timing will be off for a while afterward.. how long that continues, depends on your mental acuity.. you must learn to initiate your swing a little later than you have previously been doing.
the most important thing is: DO NOT BECOME DISCOURAGED!!.. it will work itself out to your advantage.. the more swings you take, the greater your confidence in accelerating the bat..the later you can initiate your swing..
above all DON'T GIVE UP, & GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE DOING!! you must have confidence in your mental ability to adjust to the faster gun you now have in your holster..

drive careful


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