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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: THT

Posted by: RedDog (gwils@brdwlaw.com) on Wed Nov 25 11:14:36 2009

rql, I enjoyed reading your verbal discription of what you feel when you apply THT in the rotational swing. I think you have done a credible job explaining this unique technique that increases batspeed early in the swing. I agree with what you have deliniated; however, I am concerned when you use the term "flatten the hands". People should not misinterpret your comments and merely flip the hands and wrist (therefore the bat) into a flat position and then swing. The bat is not flat, it is on plane. The bat lowers into the slot/plane and moves rearward because of the pulling rearward of the top hand, lowering the back elbow, tilting of the back shoulder and the slight rotation of the back forearm. It does not get to this position by flipping the hands and wrist. I also see batters try and get to this position that start with their hands well above their back shoulder. I think it helps to have you hands at the back shoulder when you stride. I think your point about the bottom hand controlling the plane by controlling the knob of the bat is interesting and one I will have to think about. I think the plane of the swing is controlled by the angle (up or down) of the front elbow. The front elbow is very important in transmitting power to the swing. It has to stay in the same configuration throughout the swing and is controlled (pulled around) by the rotation of the front shoulder. I also think that the hips and shoulders fire together in a good rotational swing. Without question, generating THT in the rotational swing is the hardest thing for the batter to master. Don't over complicate the movement. Get the bat on plane and rotate. If you watch the Mankin videos, you will see that the hitters create THT, but swing in a smooth, balanced manner using a quiet swing working in unison. I tell my son to hit with quiet hands and to only concentrate on the "Hook in the Hand Path" when he thinks of his hands.


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