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Re: hands in relation to rear shoulder

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Nov 25 14:26:53 2009

>>> Jack,
First let me say that my 14 year old son thinks you are a hitting god. He calls you "the old dude". Here is my question: Once the swing is initiated, should the hands remain back near the rear shoulder as the shoulders rotate the hands and bat all the way to contact? In looking at video of successful hitters, it appears to me the hands move away from the rear shoulder toward the opposite batters box, but do not move "latteraly" (or across the body) closer to the front shoulder. Is that the movement you want to encourage?
Thanks <<<

Hi Jake

In order for the hands to be near to the back-shoulder when the swing is initiated, the back-elbow must form a tight "V". However, to produce the correct swing plane, the back-forearm must lower (toward the "L" position) as the swing proceeds. This lowering of the forearm also moves the hands away from the shoulder, which results in a widening of the hand-path.

One of the problems I find with many young hitters is they maintain the "V" too far into the swing. Maintaining the "V" too long normally results in the bat's trajectory still angling downward in the contact zone. It also produces a tighter hand-path which limits the generation of bat speed.

Yes, I would say what you observed is correct. The first movement of the hands should be directed more perpendicular to the flight of the incoming ball rather than toward the pitcher (or, across the body). -- Tell your son I thank him for his support and agree with his moniker.

Jack Mankin


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