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Re: Re: Down to the Ball

Posted by: RedDog (gwils@brdwlaw.com) on Fri Dec 4 07:48:02 2009

> Eugene: All your post did is attack Jack, make derogatory general comments and spout off about baseball facts that everyone knows. We all coaches want line drives and hard ground balls. We also know, if you took basic physics in high school that spin affects the flight of the ball. Now that you trashed Jack and the theory of rotational hitting and since you have slow motion video available to you, how about coming back on the blog and explaining your theory of the fundamentals of the baseball swing so that we can compare them to what Jack is teaching. You appear to think that you are an expert on the theory of hitting a baseball so please share that with us so we can all learn from your expertise. Let's raise the level of discussion and stop the personal attacks and stupid general comments.


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