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Re: Re: Re: Re: 2 strikes

Posted by: rql () on Sat Dec 5 16:07:34 2009

> > Hey Jeff.
> >
> > Or, should we not even teach kids to "shorten" their swing with 2 strikes?
> >
> > Respectfully,
> >
> > Mark
> Mark,
> I have not personally seen anyone (outside of MLB) have much success changing their normal swing when they are in trouble (2 strikes).
> Your best swing didn't work for several pitches, now you are going to use a swing that you (probably) have never practiced.
> Maybe bunting would be better? :)
> Jeff

ok the 2 strike adjustment is 2st made on the mental side,you have to decide if you want to consider more contact the best idea for you,a pure power hitter that struggles with speed may not have alot to gain by contact only.lets say you want more contact,well the pitch selection and mode of attack changes ,you have to be able to hit the fb as well as the offspeed.This is different than a 2-0 count plan.I would 1st say look for a fb middle out and think about hitting it opposite field,if you do this you commit a split second later allowing you to read curve that much longer,if you think pulling the curveball then you put your timing right in the middle,5mph behind the fb and 5mph early on the curve,this keeps you in the timing range to handle both pitches with only a 5mph adjustment and since the avg speed difference between fb and offspeed is 10mph you are prepared for all those pitches,the pitch that will beat you is the inside fb bot most pitches your in a pretty good position to time.The shortening up physically can be beneficial for many if they practice it ,and think a shorter load and tighter swing path to stay inside the fb that you want to hit oppo


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