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Re: Re: Re: new info on handle forces

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Dec 8 18:09:50 2009

> Findings from my study concluded that the hands applying force from opposing directions (torque) was a major factor in generating bat speed.
> Jack Mankin

>>> Jack,

I love you man, but I am not with you on this. (Is 99% agreement OK?)

I think the elbow drop to the hip supplies the initial torque/power to move the bat head.

You convinced me that the hands are not otherwise used for power in the swing - the core/legs provide the power. Then you try to convince me that the teeny muscles in the hand create bat speed at the start of the swing. Seems out of sync.

Help me out here. <<<

Hi Jeff

A 99% agreement sounds fine. But let's see if I can redeem myself and gain that other 1%. -- I certainly agree with you that the teeny muscles of the hands can have little effect on bat speed. In fact, since the hands cannot even move under their own power, their basic function is to supply enough grip to keep the bat from flying free. Therefore, although the hands do apply strong forces on the handle from opposing directions, those forces provided through the hands, must be supplied from much larger muscle groups.

Jeff, I agree that some of the bat's rearward acceleration may come from the lowering of an elevated elbow. But as the comparison videos (THT - good vs poor) illustrate, just the lowering of the elbow does not produce adequate rearward acceleration. The batter must apply torque at the handle as described in the video to maximize rearward acceleration.

I could describe what powers the hand's directional forces on the handle. However, I think the video does a fairly good job. I would point out however, that none of the handle torque is derived from the flexing or un-flexing of the wrist. Note that the wrist remain fairly straight during this phase.

Jack Mankin


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