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wrists at impact

Posted by: jake (jwd@cactusasphalt.com) on Tue Dec 8 20:47:30 2009

Wondering if you have any closeups of ideal wrist/hand postion at impact. It appears to me that some high level hitters have relatively flat wrists at impact. While others apppear to have a slightly "bowed" bottom hand wrist, and slightly "flexed" top hand wrists. My son seems to have his top hand wrist extremely flexed. This seems to promote his hands rolling over early. As a result, he hits the ball solidly to the opposite field, but really struggles hitting anything but week ground balls to the pull side. After reading some of your thoughts, I have suggested to him that he really loosen up his top hand and allow it to "slide" during his swing. This seems to be helping. My thought is that pictures of the better postions would give him a verbal cue he could use to obtain a better wrist position through the swing. As always, thanks for all of your work and help.


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