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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Questions

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Dec 11 11:06:56 2009

>>> jack isnt this 123 drill what epstein promotes,I assumed it was a beginner drill to promote seperation between stride and hip turn ,then hips ahead of shoulder turn.I assumes as they got older they would learn to tie it together as a sequence in the swing.I agree if at hs level they still try to actually do this in the swing it would fail I would think,seems it takes 1st gear completely out of equation. <<<

Hi Rql

I am not sure who originated the drill. The first time I saw it was in a TV promotion of an Instructional DVD (not Epstein). I agree with you that it "takes 1st gear completely out of equation." As I alluded to earlier, I find attaining separation for the sole sake of obtaining maximum separation is a waste of potential energy that could be used to power the swing.

>>> Next isnt the tht part of the swing actually a combination of the rear arm area causing the top hand to pull back while the connected front shoulder having started to initiate which pulls the bottom hand forward,this causes the torque from both directions opposing forces. Do you think the lead arm has not started being pulled from shoulder turn at the tht phase. <<<

Good question and observation. The short answer is yes, the lead-arm must provide a forward force and should not come from the arm itself. Therefore, it must come from the lead-shoulder. However, since shoulder rotation has not been initiated, how is this possible? -- Now may be a good time to review the - Shrug & Un-Shrugging of the lead-shoulder post. -- It is the partial un-shrugging of the lead-shoulder prior to initiating full shoulder rotation (both shoulders) that provides the forward force.

>>> Next torque and I have discussed this before I think but I just dont see alot of hitters keeping their front toe square to the plate til contact,my 1st 8 clips I looked at showed all hitters lead toe turning with hip initiation.However I do believe bonds did keep his much more square than most hitters,as well as Boggs,so their is some difference in style or mechanic there but I cant tell on your tht clips of the hitters with the writing in the way there on pedroia,appears the amateurs or some i saw keep it pretty square. <<<

Landing with the lead-foot open is almost always an indication of 'back-side' dominance. I recommend landing square at toe-touch and rotating the foot to 45 degrees at heel-plant. The reason for rotating the foot to 45 degrees is that position offers less stress on the lead-knee at full hip rotation.

Jack Mankin


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