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Posted by: rql () on Thu Jul 26 12:37:34 2001

i am seeking your opinion as to what specifically would happen to a swing if one were to (1) think "throw knob at the ball" and (2) think "throw bathead at the ball"........respectfully, grc >>>>>>>.......GRC,I would say no matter what you say you must have the total swing programmed into your muscle memory .Then what you think is a cue that helps bring about the correct swing.I believe knob to the ball makes one keep the barrel back and a more linear inside out swing with less body rotation.If you think throw the barrel you must make sure that it is thrown or fired inthe corret timing sequence.It does help toget the barrel out front though.I heard a cue I liked the other day think of swinging with short stubby arms.It may help to let the ball get deeper to a hitter that is going out after it but also keeps the chp consistent.Let me say that my talk of throwing the hands were the feel of bht being applied and this came after the hipsand shoulders were rotating.Clear the hips then throw the hands think of the top of each hand where is it pointing,[out]like they had been thrown and they both are pointing in the same direction and should feel like one on the bat even though they are doing opp things[pull/push].The knob to the ball does happen but early and short time if you focus on it you well drag the head.


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