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Re: Tilt

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Jan 24 12:16:31 2010

>>> Hi Jack. I am working with a girls travel ball organization as a hitting coach. I am having problems with some girls rotating with tilt. I teach rotation and proper impact position, but when left on their own, many girls seem to go back to level shoulders at impact. Do you have any drills, or thoughts, or ideas on what to tell them to maintain tilt as they impact the ball. I think they are so right arm dominant and they have spent so much time hitting with their back arms, that correcting the flat shoulders takes a while. Any thoughts? >>>

Hi Carl

Body posture mainly determines the plane the shoulders rotate in. As an example, when you stand erect and rotate your shoulders, they rotate on a plane level with the ground - like a "Merry-go-round." If you were to lean (or tilt) over so that your chest was level with the ground, their rotational plane would vertical - like a "Ferris-wheel." The most productive plane for both the baseball and softball is somewhere in between.

I find in some my new students the same problem you describe. They are to erect in their stance and therefore their shoulder rotation is to level compared to the plane of their lead-arm and bat. Maximum bat speed is generated when the rotational plane of the shoulders closely matches the swing plane. Video analysis of the best hitters show that in order to match the rotational plane of their shoulder to the swing plane, they tilt their body toward the plate 35 to 45 degrees. -- Below is a video clip that discusses this topic.

Bonds - Shoulder 'Tilt' vs 'Rotation'

Carl, you will probably find, as I did, that batters who formed their mechanics with a more erect posture have trouble adapting to a more tilted axis of rotation. Just keep reminding them that the benefits are well worth the effort.

Jack Mankin


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