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Re: Vision Training

Posted by: Dog (dawg11@flash.net) on Sat Dec 18 23:23:17 1999

> Hi Jack, (bad thing to say at an airport) and all others who care to respond,
> What methods/approaches do you use the improve the vision of your hitters ?
> Hi Terry- One approach to help a hitter in the box that has helped me is to look at the logo on the pitcher's cap initially, then switch to the release point window. This helps the hitter to have acute vision on the ball. The eyes can play tricks on you if you let them, the longer you look at something the more your eyes will focus in and out, almost like a camera lense trying to gain focus. There is Terry a string of beads that are differnt colors that can be used to help with vision by moving different colors along the string and following them with your eyes. Vision is certainly an important element to have in order to be a great hitter, with the advent of laser vision surgery many players are having this procedure done in the off season.
Very few players now play with glasses, but some have contacts, and other player like Jay Bell still were glasses while playing. regards...dog
> Thanks, Terry Shaw


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