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Re: rear elbow

Posted by: Ronnie (rwynn@comsouth.net) on Wed Mar 3 18:51:14 2010

> Have been teaching both my boys(ages 10 and 12) the rotational swing over the past year. For the most part they are coming along fairly well. However both have issues with the back elbow leading their hands upon rotation. It sure appears to be the dreaded "bat drag". Are there any specific drills or set-up positions(bat grips, hand positions, etc.) that can help reduce/correct this problem. When we've done the swing in slow motion off a tee it isn't there, but anything at speed or live brings it out.

The thing that was the issue for my son was grip and knuckle alignment. The bottom hand should grip firm and the top hand loose so the bat can rotate inside the top hand. This is not easy but critical if they are to keep their elbow in correct position during the swing. When Jack told us to drive the rear elbow to the catcher good things happened. I would suggest you let Jack review a video of your kids if they plan on getting the swing in time for this season. Good luck to you and your sons! See link:


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