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Re: Re: Re: Training Bats -

Posted by: stw (info@insiderbat.com) on Mon Mar 8 21:25:29 2010

> Hi All
> I mentioned in my post above that a design feature of the "<a href="http://www.insiderbat.com">Insider Bat</a>" was puzzling to me. I understand the concept of having a flat contact surface to promote the proper "palm up/palm down" contact position. The flat surface would give good feedback to the batter if his wrist were rolling prior to contact.
> I have had other training aids using the 'flat surface' design sent to me for evaluation. Although they may differ in the materials used in their design, they all had the 'flat surface' inline with the handle. The "<a href="http://www.impactbat.net">Impact Bat</a>" is an example of the 'inline' design.
> What puzzled me about the "Insider Bat" design, is why it has the 'flat surface' bent 30 to 40 degrees forward from the line of the handle. With this design, when the batter hits the ball straight away, the handle is still angling back 30 to 40 degrees. If the handle were rotated to the normal straightaway hitting position, the bend in the shaft would cause the ball to be hooked over toward third base.
> I reviewed a good number of YouTube demonstrations using the "Insider Bat" in order to get an explanation for the bend. I concluded that the 'bend' is to promote a more linear hand-path where the bottom-hand leads in the contact zone. Normally, this would result in balls being hit to the opposite field. For whatever reason, the design wanted this position to hit balls straightaway.
> Jack Mankin
Someone emailed me that there was a discussion reagarding our hitting device, the insider bat, here.

The insiderbat is designed to promote proper hand path muscle memory in the swing. The angle is designed the way it is to promote hands in front of bat head. When using the insiderbat the player is encouraged to place the ball on the tee or soft toss in the middle of the plate for this drill. When using a regular bat we realize that the ball will be struck out at the front of the plate, but once again this tool is designed to teach proper hand path techniques. If the ball is in the middle of the plate with the insiderbat and the hitter drives the ball back up the middle then he/she has proper hand path to the ball.(the only way to do so with this tool is to have hands in front of bat head, palm up/ palm down, hands inside the ball). If they cast, the angle will force them to pull around the ball. If the roll over early, the angled shaft will highlight the miscue with erratic ball flight. The hitter sees immediate feedback to the error in the swing.

Jack, I sincerely appreciate your knowledge and passion for the swing and please dont take my opinion solely regarding the device, I just came up with the idea. But it is hard to argue with the opinions of coaches/players who are using it on a daily basis such as Gary Gaetti, Team USA Coach Mike Candrea, Right View Pro Founder Don Slaught, Coach Rod Delmonico, Coach Jay Bergman to name a few.

I also, realize that you sell a hand path device, which is probably a good one in its own right, so it would not make good business sense for you to promote an "outsider" and I understand that.

Stw (info@insiderbat.com)


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