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Re: besides mechanics, what does great hitting take?

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Wed Mar 17 09:08:27 2010

hi Ernie> I belive a good game swing is the most important thing for a batter to have in order to become a great hitter .IF a batter can hit the ball squarely with a good swing, against quality pitching on a consistant basis he will be a good hitter.Esp if the batter has some of the gifts you mentioned speed. size. and strength But in order for a batter to hit the ball squarely with a good swing there are many factors involved such as eyesight ,pitch reconition,and timing . Ted williams said he learned early in his career to get a good pitch to hit. HE also stated that a avg hitter will take a better swing on a good pitch then a great hitter does on a bad pitch . So I guess that goes back to pitch reconition getting a good pitch to hit. I belive great hitting involves a good swing and hitting the ball sqarely with many other complicated factors involved


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