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Re: Opposite field hitting

Posted by: Jim D (j-monro@hotmail.com) on Sat Mar 20 01:24:58 2010

> My 10 year old hits everything opposite field. We have been working on rotational mechanics so at least he is hitting it hard the other way. Slow pitch, fast pitch, inside or outside it always goes the other way. He has some issues with eyesight and that is my guess. I throw from about 25-30 feet in the cages and he can hit it anywhere going with the pitch. It only happens at live pitching and outside the cages. I am getting his eyes checked again, he just loads and starts late. Any ideas about just picking up the ball earlier or a better hitting plan? I don't want him to pull everything, but sheesh something down the 3rd base line would be nice.........

Hi Wit's End,

I would look at his timing in relation to picking up the ball as it immediately shows in the pitchers hand, in addition to bat drag issues.
Learning to pick the ball up as it immediately shows in the pitchers hand is ultra critical. Having him swing an appropriately light bat is also critical. The huge advantage to a light bat is that it allows our young, underdeveloped hitters to swing a bat that suits their strength levels. If using the proper swing mechanics, i.e. rotational, you are giving him the best opportunity possible.

If you video him from behind while capturing the pitchers release, and play back through a slow motion analysis program, you will see what is going on with his timing as well as with his swing mechanics.

Good Luck Dad,
Jim D


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