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Re: Re: Re: Re: Torque Hitting = Dumb

Posted by: LarryB (lbieber@q.com) on Tue Mar 23 08:03:53 2010

> > I am a firm believer in methods that are unorthodox, because some kids are not comfortable with the perfect swing. I have been coaching little league base ball for years and find that most coaches and ,so called professionals think that their style fits all hitters.A kids instinctive ability to hit a well thrown pitch from a certain batting stance or style comes from confidence and ability to adjust his knees and shoulders with respect to the hands, and let his waist and hips get in rythme with the delivery of the pitches timing.Power hitting comes from about 99% of natural ability and strength.I am not a believer in teaching kids to swing for the fence at every at bat.
> Hi Mark welcome to the web sight.
> The fence should not be the target.But hitting the ball hard should be the goal of every at bat. Sometimes because of pitch location, miss judged pitch speed batters have to adjust and just get the bat on the ball when two strikes is on the end of the pitch count. BUT from launch to contact what almost every elite hitters does is identical.


Torque hitting = dumb? What information did you use to make that statement? I can tell that you have never had the pleasure of making an effortless swing, contacting the ball in precisely the right spot and then watching the ball leave the park. Power is not all about strength, although it doesn't hurt if it is applied correctly. It is nearly impossible to muscle a ball out of the park with any sort of consistency. Nothing in the rotational hitting philosphy suggests that batters should swing for the fence. You are displaying your ignorance regarding rotational hitting. Rotational hitting techniques allow most batters to correctly understand how to generate power using their lower AND upper body correctly. It is not a magic bullet and it does not make good hitters out of non-athletic players with bad hand-eye coordination - nothing does. Even the unorthodox methods that you refer to. By the way, rotational hitting is not unorthodox. It is exactly what you see college and pro level players doing everyday. If you are teaching anything else, I would suggest that your methods are unorthodox and that you should reconsider your definition.


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