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afraid of the ball

Posted by: jerry () on Wed Mar 24 09:44:37 2010

hi>I think most batters have or had a fear of the ball at one time or another.Even if they dont want to admit it .A hard object like a baseball being thrown close to your head can bring out the fear .It is esp tough just before the pitcher releases the ball .all that the batter sees is the pitcher arm coming around at him but the batter cannot see the ball yet and he does not know where the ball is going. at this point a batter has to decide to hang in there and try to pick up the ball from the pitchers release point.

this is a important but diffucult thing to do.I think some things that might help are not to dwell on his fears, and get someone who can throw strikes, pitch as much batting practice to him as possible even if they have to use tennis balls at first. so hitting becomes fun to him again so he is looking to hit the ball and not as worried if the ball is going to hit him . its not just game hitting twice a week but batting practice every day hopefully this will help him control his fear of the ball.


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