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Re: Re: Re: What leads-hips,hands or both?

Posted by: Dog (dawg11@flash.net) on Tue Dec 21 13:34:14 1999

> Jeff and Dog,
> There's no question in my mind that the hips must lead some. I'll be posting a link to a kinetic analysis I'm doing on Junior- it may be a couple days yet with the holidays and all. It will be clear from the pictures that the hips are ahead of the shoulders. (I do agree with Jack that many coaches exaggerate this with poor results.) Perhaps we should not teach it at all, and let it happen naturaly. If a hitter is using good mechanics, he will have a better chance of maximizing his batspeed. I think we have gotten into a semantics thing where we (or I) have confused the kinetics/ biomechanics of the swing (the details of what actually happens instant by instant) with what we should teach to ALLOW it to happen.
> There's a very good post from Jack below about the two theories of hip rotation- recommended reading for all.
> Regards,
> Thank for the input guys: I believe that it is correct that the hips do lead the hands slightly, great thought Steve T- We should let some things happen naturally, I totally agree with you on this. Is there really anytime to think when a ball is coming at you say 88mph?
Is it not a reaction of muscle memory that is hopefully trained correctly? I appreciate the thoughts..Happy Holidays..dog
> SteveT


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