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The Back foot-push, turn or both?

Posted by: Dog (dawg11@flash.net) on Tue Dec 21 14:06:21 1999

Hello to Jack, Steve T, Jeff, and BHL:
I would appreciate some thoughts on the back foot and it's role in helping maximize bat speed. The
feet are the bottom of the kinetic chain, starting energy from the ground up. Now, what should the back foot do? Does the back foot push weight back to the center of the body on contact or the 50-50 point? Does the back foot just serve to unlock the hips in the chain and only rotate? Or should the back foot generate a push/turn at the same time? Looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts, I appreciate and respect eveyone's knowledge. I have been sharing and learning on this site long enough to determine that you gentlemen have solid and correct insights on the baseball swing. I am by no means a novice to the swing or the game itself for that matter, but I like learning new ideas from all of you. I also do not certainly think I know it all, because I don't...humbly...dog


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