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Re: Re: Re: Pitch Counts, and the Rotational Swing

Posted by: jima (andyii@cox.net) on Tue Oct 17 06:32:16 2006

Rich, are you suggesting that you don't change your approach at the plate when there are 2 strikes? If so, you'll be sitting on the bench because your on base percentage will be about .200. Part of learning how to be a great BASEBALL PLAYER (pls note I didn't say hitter) is learning how to adjust mentally and physically depending on game situation. Whether your team is ahead or behind; hitting the ball to the right side with a man on second or third; and the ability to modify your approach based on pitch count matter a great deal in building winning teams. Read Billy Bean's book. The minors are full of guys who go up hacking away. In fact, in the majors, most coaches will call up smart hitter, who can bunt and who knows how to move a runner even if his average is .260 (with ob% of .450)versus a so-called slugger who is hitting .280 (with an ob% of .325). jima


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