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Absolute #10 question

Posted by: Steve (stephen.laflamme@bestbuy.com) on Thu Apr 1 11:29:31 2010

I often read your absolutes as a checkup for my son's (9 yr old) mechanics and have a fairly good grasp of most of them. However, absolute #10 confuses me, in that you state that the further away from contact the bat head is when the shoulders stop rotating, the weaker the swing. it seems to be related to the heavy bag drill, correct?, where we want the energy of the bat all used up at contact. but wouldn't the shoulders keep rotating upon follow through? if I take dry swings and find the point where my shoulders stop rotating, they seem to point way too open to have the bat still in the zone. also, could you explain the heavy bag drill as it relates to this concept? any videos to show the concept in the archives?


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