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What to teach first?

Posted by: MichalB (michalchaffinch@hotmail.com) on Sat Apr 10 05:50:06 2010

Hi folks! I coach a JV fastpitch softball team; like many teams this age, I have a lot of great kids, but some of them have some very bad swing mechanics.

I'm trying to figure out what makes sense to correct/teach FIRST in a swing; in other words, what change will result in the quickest success for young hitters? I used to try to teach from the ground up -- hips, then axis of rotation, then arms/hands, but was wondering what others have found works best?

To give a picture, the typical hitter on my team starts her swing by dropping her hands to her back hip, then drags her arms through the zone and finishes with her body tilted forward. Most of my girls rotate their shoulders but not their hips.

Michal Beth


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