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Re: Re: Back Foot

Posted by: LarryB (lbieber@q.com) on Fri Apr 16 09:01:11 2010

> > My son has a tendency to let his back foot slide backwards(not towards the catcher but away from the plate) when swinging. What can I do to get this corrected.
> Jody,
> Have him position his feet in his stance, place a firm object
> (2x4, small rock, etc.)on the side of his foot that moves. This will block his foot from moving as he makes contact with the object. Initially this will be uncomfortable, but it will be an ever constant reminder. Once the memory kicks in, remove the object.
> Jim D

One solution that I have used successfully is to have the batter stand on a 2x8 or 2x10 stud. I usually start them with dry swings, then soft toss before moving to something live, but still low velocity. Standing on the stud reinforces the proper foot location and provides quick feedback to the batter when his foot heads the wrong way.


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