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Re: Re: Top Hand Strength

Posted by: Jay (popefam5@hotmail.com) on Wed Oct 25 09:59:06 2006

From what I have read and understand on the videos, it is not a matter of hand strength. Dominant lead arm is good, as you want to pull the bat thru the zone with the large muscles of the front side. The top hand is a guide and gets things started more than powering things through. Hitting the ball the other way is a matter of timing and the angle of the bat coming through the zone. I recommend endless hours of practice with the tee sitting on the outside part of the plate. You can also use the heavy bag to practice coming through the zone on the outside pitch.

> > I play college baseball, and I throw right, bat left. I've always been a really good pull hitter but have struggled going the other way on and off. In my swing, I feel as if my bottom hand (right hand) is very dominant compared to my left hand (top hand). I try all sorts of drills, but my right arm is my stronger arm and takes over my swing. I just ordered the video, so hopefully the top hand torque theory will help, but has anyone else ever heard of this case and/or knows of how to fix it??
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> I would not necessarily say you have a problem. Ted Williams batted left handed and his right arm was his dominant hand. The best thing to do is do more every day chores etc with your left hand. This would build dexterity in that hand.


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