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bottom and top hand torque?

Posted by: Joe (joe.flowers@nofreewill.com) on Sun Apr 25 19:12:39 2010

Hi Everyone,

Jack, thank you so very much for all of your hard work and research on this topic, and for making it available for others to learn from.

I need to play devil's advocate please.

Do the good/great MLB hitters really feel and know that they are applying bottom and top hand torque? Are they consciously making it a point to apply bottom and top hand torque as is explained in these videos? I can understand that after practicing and practicing that this technique becomes second nature to them in a game and perhaps they are not conscious of this in a game, but surely they would consciously practice and know this during batting practice? Why are we not hearing these forces described by them?

It seems like this technique is a secret or treated as a secret. When one looks at the mechanics used by the MLB players. They all seem to have this exact same "cookie cutter" framework. I can't understand why almost everyone coaching baseball from middle school on up doesn't know about this. Why in the heck is ~"everyone" telling their players to swing "level"?

This isn't an X-Files episode is it?




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