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Re: PLT & decision to swing

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Apr 26 08:15:09 2010

>>> Hi Jack,

In your overhead video analysis of John Elliot with the arc of the bat shown in various colors you discuss PLT and more. I believe that you define "launch" as the point when the shoulders initiate rotation and in no way is there any intent to relate this to the decision to swing. Can you discuss the process of reading the pitch and the decision to swing or not, as it relates to PLT? Obviously the batter begins reading the pitch as the pitcher releases the ball. If we eliminate the obviously bad pitches where the batter gives up early on, on the close pitches does the batter begin some PLT as he makes the final decision to swing? Or rather, is the pitch speed and location read, and the decision to swing made before any PLT is applied? OR with a particular hitter, does it vary slightly from swing to swing such as if he guesses the pitch just right? I understand that some hitters use more PLT than others but let's consider those that are in the middle. <<<

Hi Chuck

PLT (Pre-Launch Torque) referees to the mechanic that accelerates the bat prior to the initiation of shoulder rotation. Therefore the power for the mechanic is supplied mainly from the arms and wrist. During PLT, the bat is being accelerated from a cocked forward position rearward toward the normal launch position. Some batters start applying PLT well before the front foot is firmly planted -- possibly 4 or 5 frames before the initiation of shoulder rotation.

Video analysis shows some batters are applying PLT a good number of frames before the "go/no go" decision is made. It is fairly easy to stop the swing during PLT if the "no go" decision made. However, it becomes increasingly hard to stop the bat once shoulder rotation and THT are initiated.

Jack Mankin


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