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An idea for a new video that would sell! PLEASE make it!

Posted by: Joe (joe.flowers@nofreewill.com) on Thu Apr 29 07:56:27 2010

Hi Jack,

I need a video that I can show my sons that shows the correct and incorrect ways to swing correctly. My oldest son is 11 years old, but I also have a son that is 7 years old that needs to see it too.

Your current 2 DVDs are EXCELLENT!!! BUT, my sons cannot hold their attention to it through all of the detail that is great for me. I know it would sell a lot of copies if you could make one for the kids to see. Say about 30 minutes with correct and incorrect swings AND WHY.

It may not be as perfect with the fine points like your other two videos are, but it would go a LONG way to get my sons on the right track, so I can tweak them with the help of your other videos. It's getting them started with most of the correct form that's the problem.

I could video tape them so they could see the differences too.

Please help us!

All of my best wishes,


P.S. For the rest of us, please make more videos like your swing analysis videos with drills. The more we see, the better we can get it right. I would buy all you can make.

P.P.S. You rock Jack!



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