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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Baseball vs Softball

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Thu Oct 26 17:37:49 2006

> > > > ok first off softball is a lot harder. Also the swing is really different. Baseballs also go a lot farther. Did you know that Jennie Finch struck out a ton of MLB players? I rest my case....softball is soo much harder ok
> > >
> > > u suck
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> > I disagree with your interpretation. Both sports have to be respected for what they offer. But if what you say is true, women would be playing major league baseball in significant numbers.
> >
> > The fact that Jennie Finch struck out major league hitters is impressive, but many major league hitters do not fair well against pitchers they have never seen. And the hitters were probably trying to kill the ball rather than simply make contact and let their natural strength account for the distance. The first time around the pitcher has the advantage for the most part. It should also be noted that many major league players have trouble hitting a slow pitch softball.
> >
> > The best fastpitch softball hitters (3 and 4 hitters) have solid rotational mechanics. Just watch and ESPN telecast and note for yourself.
> > (Food for thought)
> I think both sports have to be respected. I also think that fastpitch softball is growing everyday. And what you said about women and the major leagues.....i have to say is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Softball is rising to the top. I also randomly went around and asked MEN which they would prefer to watch, a MLB game or college softball game and almost all of them prefer softball- personally i think its a lot more intense than baseball because one-the field is closer and also the ball is bigger and harder to drive out into the outfield. I love Baseball and I love softball and i respect anyone who has put forth hard work and dedication i just wish men would get the same perspective as women. I wouldnt be surprised if there isnt Major League Softball teams poppin' up pretty soon.

Amy. Excuse me if my remarks appeared sexist with regard to women in baseball and or sports. It was not my intention to offend or demean the female contribution to athletics. I too enjoy women's softball and think women are respected competitors. My comments were meant to convey that if what the poster said was true, it would make sense for anyone who has the opportunity to play for the most dollars to do so. Currently there is no law against minorities or women to play in organized sports at the highest level. Thus rather than play for less why should not more women try major league baseball?

With regard to your survey, any informed person knows that a survey especially one that involves a small sample size likely does not prove convincing either way. And you might want to ask if it was the play the men you asked liked more to watch or the women themselves. But the fact that you took time out to delve further into the matter speaks for your passion in your sport. Thus I respect your opinions.

But with regard to a softball being harder to hit than a baseball, I am in total disagreement. The fact that the softball on its surface is larger only furthers the thought that it would be easier to hit. Also the fear/damage factor that can be invoked by a baseball is enough to deter at least some male or female from stepping in the box. But rather than try to tear down another person's passion, I would merely ask you or the original poster to prove his statement that hitting a softball is harder (especially if a wood bat is used as required by major leage baseball).


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