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Top hand grip

Posted by: Dan (daniel.miechels@gmail.com) on Tue May 4 14:14:45 2010

Thanks everyone! The information on this site has helped me immensely over the last couple of years. There is one thing still bothering me:

How firmly should the top hand hold the bat ? Should the fingers keep the bat pressed against the top part of the palm throughout the entire swing or can the bat swivel in the hand. For example I find I let end fingers unroll slightly when the back elbow is brought up/back and then tighten up during the swing.

I have played recreational (but competitive!) league baseball in Australia for 35 seasons (summer + winter leagues) without much batting instruction, and am seeing week by week improvement as I slowly untrain my bad habits. My 6 year old son has started TeeBall and I plan to use all the information on this site to get him swinging properly from the start.


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