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Re: Hand position preferences?

Posted by: Maximum () on Tue Sep 4 13:24:44 2001

I was unfortunately a good enough hitter as a kid that I was never coached on fundamentals & mechanics (that I remember). I say unfortunately, because now I feel like I could hit much better with some instruction.
> I have recently seen diagrams on proper grip (middle knuckles aligned), and noticed that I grab the bat with 3rd knuckles aligned ("choke grip"). The modified and choke grips supposedly reduce bat speed. Does anyone have any thoughts on grip position as relates to bat speed?
I don't see how the grip can affect bat speed in any way. The grip is just how you hold the bat. I tested out different grips alligning the knuckles in different ways. I didn't find any grip made the bat go faster or slow. My grip hasmy top hand's muddle knuckles between the middle and beginning knuckles of my bottom hand. It's just comfortable that way.


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