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keep it simple

Posted by: mike (yanks4321@aol.com) on Sun Oct 29 12:32:46 2006

I have noticed in some hitters, but mostly in Albert Pujols and Alfonso Soriano, how they keep their swings very simple. And look how great of hitters the two are. Look at these clips of them.

Albert Pujols: http://home.comcast.net/~karla.mcnurlin/2b1b.gif

Alfonso Soriano: http://www.youthbaseballcoaching.com/mpg/sorianoside.mpeg

Notice how both of them start with there hands in their load position, instead of putting them there during their stride. Instead of having to think about bringing their hands back during the swing, they start there so that that is one less thing to be thinking of when you are hitting, since it is already hard enough to hit. I think that the more things you can eliminate that you have to do while you are swinging, the easier it will be able to hit. The less movement you have during the swing is also better because it will help keep everything with less movement. The only thing Albert Pujols has to think about is when to start turning that front foot in and putting it down. He doesnt have to think about moving his hands back, because he just starts them back form the beginning. Same thing with Soriano, he just has to think aboutt when to pick up his foot and put it down, he doesnt have to worry about when to bring his hands back or how far to bring them back becuase he starts there instead. I am not saying that all hitters should do this, but for some hitters, it may work. Now the question I have is that do you lose power by starting them back, as opposed to loading them back, and why or why not? Thanks alot!!


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