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Re: Dont rub hit by pitch

Posted by: The Hitting Guu () on Tue Oct 31 16:04:33 2006

> Why do coaches tell players not to rub their arm/leg/etc after getting hit by a pitch?
> A friend and I are in disagreement over this issue. I feel its for physiological reasons (rubbing a hit area can further bruise the area or make it sore later). My friend argues that you are not supposed to rub the area for psychological reasons (dont let the pitcher know you hurt him).
> Thanks for the help, Ive got a free dinner riding on it!

There is somewhat of a prevailing thought that the batter should show no sign of weakness. This is a matter of opinion (as being hit by a good fastball can hurt especially if one is hit on the wrist, knee, helmet/face or elbow.) Rubbing the sore is instictive and it will hurt regardless of whether it is rubbed or not. I would suggest that one should not cry after being hit ("Tony Gwynn") and he Gwynn felt the best thing to do is try to hit the ball right back through the middle of the field (if you knew the pitcher intentionally hit you.) Willie Mays claimed he could bunt the ball down the first base line and run over the pitcher if necessary (for retaliation)

With regard to your friends comment: The pitcher knows the ball hurts for the most part unless the hitter is a Don Baylor type or Willie Mays who may have been able to bare hand catch the pitcher's fastball. The key is not to let the pitcher take away your focus and concentration as a result of your anger.


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