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Re: Re: Re: What is a good batting stance

Posted by: Joe A. () on Fri Sep 14 05:50:21 2001

Well i try not to step at all. I keep my foot turned in so i can turn it in when the pitch is coming and swing. i've been doing it for 2 years now and my avg and power have went way up. i can hit up to 85mph now. also i'm about 5 8 or 5 9


Your stance sounds fine and "no stride" is the best stride.

It dosen't matter where your elbows are before you start your swing as long as your back elbow comes down to your side, pointing down, before you start the bat forward.

As a general rule your stance should be balanced and comfortable and allow you to get into your launch position with a minimum of movement.

Glad you are hitting well. Keep it up. Hope you hit 400 this year.

Joe A.


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