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Asked to join varsity but need opinion.......

Posted by: Steve N. (Snbaseball77@aol.com) on Mon Sep 17 09:30:51 2001

Hi! I am 15 years old and am in 9th grade. Just recently i have been scouted by the varsity coach and he has offered me a starting position as a center fielder on his team. He said i have excellent mechanics and the greatest possible batspeed for my size and weight. (5"10 145") I am not sure if it is my greatest possible batspeed or not, but he measured me on a setpro batspeed measuring system. And it measured 85 MPH When i swung hard but with control. when i swung harder without control it was 97mph. I just need an opinion on whether i should stay on JV or go on to varsity.


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