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Re: Re: Re: Re: some physics questions

Posted by: Joe A. () on Tue Sep 18 05:54:09 2001

ok, I've been outa baseball for a couple years and just started practicing again, and I did a little research. I found out a ball hit at a 45 degree angle will atain maximum distance. That's simple physics. What I'm wondering is something else.
> > > > It has to do with armstrength. I'm naturally right handed, so, of course, I always batted right handed. Now, I also play hockey. The hockey slapshot and baseball swing don't REALLY resemble each other, except in the respect that they both require weight transfer. Hockey is more like Golf. But in both golf and hockey, it's always the second half os the swing and the follow through that create most of t he power and direction. If you stop a swing halfway, it doesn't go as far, correct? In hockey, I swithed to playing left handed, mainly for this reason. I was wondering if I would get more power out of a lefthanded swing? I've noticed more, but that could be just my concentration on making the swing. Thanks for any info!
> > > > Maximum distance from 45 degree angle? Try the HR simulators at
> > > www.scri.fsu.edu/~jac/Java/baseball.html and
> > > www.exploratorium.edu/baseball/scientificslugger.html at 45 degrees. Now try at 35 degrees. The ball should go about 15 feet farther. I believe you attain max. distnace between 30-40 degrees.
> >
> > Whom ever,
> >
> > I wish you guys would learn to be more percise in your language. Some people don't know what you mean. Why don't you tell the people that you mean the trajectory of the ball leaving the bat and not the angle that the bat approaches the ball.
> >
> > Joe A.
> Sorry Joe. Of course a ball isn't coming at the hitter at a 45 or 35 degree angle. I don't know what else you could have gotten outta that. I'd like to know how John thinks a ball leaving the bat at 45 degrees gets max. distance? Have you done actual research or do you just think that?

To whom,

I didn't say the ball approaching the hitter. I said the bat approaching the ball. I am talking about the downward angle of the bat as it approaches the ball.

Joe A.


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