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Re: THT & the top-hitters

Posted by: john (local448@gmail.com) on Sat Nov 11 18:26:05 2006

Hey Jack, I was saying that although I agree with your position on THT/BHT, I simply can't "feel" it happening while I swing. I concentrated on "feeling" it during a slowpitch softball
game the other night, but to no avail. I can feel the rotation of my body while swinging but not the BHT/THT. I am of the opinion that even though I can't feel it, maintaining good mechanics of BHT/THT does help. I "swing for the fence" and they do go over!

More importantly, my eleven year old son went from the number nine/ten hitter to number three this season after apply your techniques from the video. So, Thank You for that!

Hi All
> In a post below, I asked those that believed torque was not a major factor in bat speed
generation to view a demonstration clip of how torque was applied in the swing and point
out where it was misleading. There were 1583 that read the post and as you can see, there
was very few to post their disagreement.
> Well, lets us go one step further. How many of you believe that THT is not a major factor
in the swing of a great hitter? I have often stated that the top hitters generate great bat
speed because their mechanics (Top-Hand-Torque) first accelerates the bat-head
rearward (toward the catcher) before directing their energy toward the ball.
> To apply THT, the top-hand is pulling rearward on the handle with the fingers rather
than driving forward with the palm as we see with the average hitter. Here is the address
of a clip from the PathFinder DVD where I demonstrate how THT is applied in the swing -
http://www.batspeed.com/media/THTHigh.wmv -. If you believe the clip is misleading,
please point where. I will be happy to discuss it with you.
> Jack Mankin


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