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Re: Switch hitting

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Wed Nov 15 16:04:04 2006

> I'm a Senior in highschool and I'm a 6.45 runner but i bat from the right side. I want to learn how to bat left handed to use my speed to the fullest. Can you give me some tips and drills that will help me accomplish this.
> Thanks
I am assuming your 6.45 is in the 60yrd/mtr. which means you can motor. As such, the first thing I would suggest is learn how to bunt (particularly the drag bunt). The attempting to bunt will make the infielders play in which will allow you more room to get hits. Also I would get a copy of a women's fast pitch softball tape that teaches the slap hit. Back in the day a guy named Miguel Dilone hit .340 (behind George Brett .390 and Cecil Cooper 352 in 1980). So it can be done. I would also observe the 'overall games' of Brady Sizemore, Ichiro, and Curtis Granderson. They each have great speed and can reak havoc to the pitcher's concentration.


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