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Re: Re: like a archer

Posted by: jeff () on Wed Oct 3 15:08:39 2001

I hadn't heard or read about the "archer" thing. But I can only assume it means bringing the top hand and arm backwards. Like an archer, this acts to "prime the swing". I myself don't teach my students to pull back much farther than about 6" from the shoulder, as it straightens the arms too much, thereby slowing down the swing. By pulling back 6", it allows the elbows to stay bent and tucked close to the body, allowing for faster turn, which builds more torque. Try to remember that when an archer brings his arms back, his elbow usually points backwards. This is not good. Keep your elbows tucked in so they're close to your sides. When you think "be an archer" remember with the hands only.
> Ruben
hey ruben,
It is possible to only have one arm straight when you pull the bat back, even jack said the lead arm is supposed to be straight, top hand torque is supposed to straighten out the lead arm and then the shoulders and hips lead the bat through the zone, not your arms.


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